We are a development company with a portfolio of real estate assets from several different classes. We seek the most modern management techniques in order to add value to our assets and the assets that we manage. Over the past few years, we focused on Value Engineering, Project Management, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Portfolio Management, and Asset Management as core competencies.

Portfolio Management

Our expertise is based on an investment strategy that seeks to create value and monetize the assets in which we invest.

We are a real estate company involved in assets that are included into several classes. Committed to issues ranging from investment, ownership, and operation of these assets, we have areas specializing in development, engineering, project management, portfolio management, and asset management.

We systematically and continuously analyze the tradeoff between strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, growth and security, in order to decide the best balance between debt and equity, the latter being privately held or from national and international investors.

We develop a personalized strategy for each asset. We conduct rigorous research in order to generate the best returns at an acceptable risk level.

We monitor the performance of each property in a structured and continuous manner in order to safeguard the return that was the basis of initial investment. For us, every business is a step to a lasting relationship.

Asset Management

Our innovative Asset Management services are focused on optimizing the return on investment and increased property value.

Through a cooperative investment management, we create value and shared knowledge among our stakeholders: investors, operators, associates and the community.

With the disciplined execution of the latest asset management techniques, we constantly develop new opportunities to maximize cash flow, improve market position, improve product quality, increase human talent and productivity, and constitute itself as a benchmark in sustainability.

Project Management

The management of projects is based on the guidelines of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

We develop and apply a proprietary methodology aimed at better management of projects based on the guidelines of the Project Management Institute (PMI), an internationally recognized entity which disseminates the best global practices in Project Management.

We have certified professionals as PMP (Project Management Professionals), a recognition that certifies their expertise on the theme.

Minimize uncertainties regarding the fulfillment of deadlines, meeting the quality requirements, risk mitigation and compliance costs are characterized as the main result of the application of this knowledge and techniques related to Project Management.